How to dispose of CatSpot cat litter?

How to dispose of CatSpot cat litter?

With CatSpot cat litter, the solids can be disposed by way of waste receptacle or flushing in your toilet*. The bulk waste is biodegradable and should be composted or used as a soil amendment.

Toss When Finished

After up to 15 days of use, dispose of CatSpot cat litter outside in the yard, flower beds, or compost bin. Unlike other brands or types of litter, CatSpot litter is 100% natural, sustainable, and doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. It will not harm the environment or wildlife. The number of cats that use a litter box, the bathroom habits, health issues, and strength of smell from your cat's urine may cause you to have to change out the litter box more frequently than every 15 days. CatSpot just recommends 15 days as a maximum number of days to leave CatSpot cat litter in the litter box before totally changing.

Can I dispose of clay and other types of cat litter outside?

No. Clay-based and other types of clumping litter contain chemicals and fragrances to help with masking odors and “scooping” agents for forming clumps. These types of litters are not safe to dispose of outside.

Look for an all-natural, 100% organic cat litter if you wish to dispose of the litter outside when finished. CatSpot litter is one of the few 100% organic cat litters on the market at this time.

What makes CatSpot litter so different?

CatSpot cat litter is unique in that it does not contain any harmful chemicals, clumping agents, or added fragrances. Our litter contains one, simple ingredient: coconut! And, that’s it. Our litter is safer for your pet, you, and the environment. 

*Disposing of cat solids should be done in accordance with your local and state laws and regulations. CatSpot can only provide you with the options that can be used with CatSpot Litter.  The State of California discourages residents from flushing cat feces in toilets or disposing of it in drains.