Is CatSpot compostable?


Is CatSpot a compostable cat litter?

CatSpot cat litter is derived from Mother Nature itself so it is completely biodegradable and when composted, will not contribute to landfill and toxic gas build up. CatSpot is the only completely organic litter on the market, meaning zero added chemicals and no harmful toxins, which makes it eco-friendly and a safer alternative for your pet.

Not All Cat Litters are Biodegradable and Compost Safe

Compostable litter should be made from 100% natural ingredients that are Earth-friendly. Clay-based and crystalline cat litters are not biodegradable or compostable as they contain unnatural and toxic additives.

If ingested, either in the litter box or outside after being composted, CatSpot litter is made entirely from natural coconuts and will not harm your pet or wildlife.

Why should I compost my cat litter?

Composting your cat litter can help reduce your environmental paw print. Each year, 80 billion pounds of bentonite clay are stripped and mined from the Earth to produce sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite is a common ingredient in clay-based litter that helps create the “scoopable” clumps when the clay is exposed to moisture. Clay litter manufacturers recommend tossing the litter in the trash when finished, piling up in our landfills each year.


How do I properly dispose of and compost CatSpot cat litter?

With CatSpot litter, the solids can be disposed by way of waste receptacle or flushing in your toilet. The bulk waste should be composted, spread thinly throughout your yard or flower bed, or thrown in the trash. We strongly discourage throwing it in the trash if at all possible!

Think healthier… for you, your pet, and our planet with CatSpot.

Disposing of cat solids should be done in accordance with your local and state laws and regulations. CatSpot can only provide you with the options that can be used.