Which Coconut Litter is best for you and your feline friend?

Non-Clumping Coconut Litter

  • 100% All-Natural & Organic
  • Biodegradeable- can be beneficially recycled in yards, flower beds, or compost
  • Extremely lightweight and soft on the paws
  • A 5lb bag is equivalent to a 30 day supply of litter for one cat
  • Dust-free
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Clumping Coconut Litter

  • 100% natural and chemical free
  • Excellent clumpability that forms quick and solid clumps
  • Extremely lightweight coconut formula
  • Odor eliminated by the power of coconut
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The power of coconut. Our coconut cat litters are the first of their kind.

  • Zero Chemicals

    All-natural with no fragrances or additives

  • Lightweight

    Lightest litter on the market

  • Ammonia Absorption

    Coconut naturally absorbs the ammonia and eliminates the smell

  • USA Manufactured

    100% owned, manufactured, and sold in the USA

  • Dust Free

    Our patented process eliminates all the dust from your litter

  • Power of Coconut

    Coconut solves all the issues you once had with your old litter


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