CatSpot Starter Kit

The best way to transition your feline friends and enhance the experience of our all-natural, coconut-based CatSpot!

You asked, we listened.  We spent a lot of time testing many different litter boxes until we found the best model for experiencing CatSpot in your home.

What you receive with each CatSpot Starter Kit:

  • 1 of our high-sided Catspot Litter Boxes designed to work specifically with our coconut litter
  • 2 bags of CatSpot coconut litter! (you pick Clumping or Non-Clumping)
  • And our Starter Kit discount! Receive 2 bags of litter, only pay for 1!

Litter Type

Litterbox Color

$65.97 $49.95
1 free bag of catspot included!

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Why should you use our CatSpot Starter Kits?

We've spent lots of time finding the best litter box for our coconut litter. Because our all-natural litter is lightweight and unique, a high-sided and deep litter box can best control any tracking or kicking issues. Our CatSpot Starter Kits include our hand-selected box design for the best CatSpot experience.

  • • High sides that keeps the litter controlled
  • • A step that allows the cat to shake off extra litter
  • • Good size box that gives the cat plenty of room
  • • Free Bag of CatSpot with your first purchase!

Litter made from Coconuts

Zero Chemicals

All natural litter with no fragrance or other chemical addictive.


Dust free with no clumping agents.


Lightest litter on the market. Don't lug home heavy litter ever again.

Ammonia Absorption

Coconut naturally absorbs the ammonia and eliminates the smell.


Used litter can be beneficially recycled in yards, flower beds, or compost.

How Catspot Works